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Account Executive Ropfogel Gives Advertising and Marketing Presentation at Glendale Chamber of Commerce Lunch Event

Stephen Ropfogel Presenting for the Glendale Chamber of Commerce

HALO Branded Solutions’ Glendale, CA promotional products Account Executive Stephen Ropfogel presented at the Glendale Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Business Builder Lunch on April 24, 2013. The topic of Ropfogel’s presentation was the “Top Four Reasons Advertising and Marketing Efforts are Failing Today.”

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce, which serves over 850 local businesses and organizations, holds monthly business and social networking events for their members. Ropfogel was the guest speaker at this month’s “Lunch and Learn” event, discussing the reasons for the failure of so many marketing and advertising campaigns today.

"The total wasted advertising dollars annually is over $167,767,000,000" said Ropfogel in his presentation, "With that much money, a brand new Cadillac Escalade could be purchased for every man, woman, and child living in Brooklyn, NY."

Stephen Ropfogel thanks HALO’s Director of AE Development Dave Drook for his help and support. For more information on this story, contact Stephen at [email protected]


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