Safety &

Over 40,000 clients a year trust HALO to provide safe, creative and cost-effective promotional solutions. Together we will ensure you have safe, compliant products produced in socially responsible manufacturing facilities to promote and protect your brand.

When you make an investment to promote your brand with HALO, we guarantee to uphold the integrity of your corporate image with safe and compliant products manufactured with the strictest international guidelines.


Be AWARE of the internationally recognized safety & compliance regulations.
ASK the right questions of your promotional provider and know the right answers.
Be RESPONSIBLE. Partner with a company that has staff and legal expertise to navigate an increasingly complex product landscape.

HALO Branded Solutions guarantees the most trusted supply chain for all of your promotional needs. We have taken the necessary steps to comply with environmental, social, and product safety regulations and standards on a local, national and international basis.


Secure Source
  • HALO has established and enforced supplier safety standards and works only with "Secure Source Suppliers". These top tier suppliers have completed our product safety dossier which includes documents (available upon request to every HALO client) on product testing and certification, product liability insurance and an indemnification agreement.
  • We rely only upon approved importers for all global sourcing projects. They are required to provide documented safety procedures and testing practices.
  • Complete social compliance - ALL manufacturing processes are socially, ethically and environmentally responsible.
  • HALO is a founding member of our industry's Product Responsibility Action Group. HALO led the effort to establish industry best practices and a standard Code of Product Responsibility.

HALO Leads the Way

We strive to continue to lead the way not only in Product Safety but Corporate Responsibility for our industry.

Click here to review our Corporate Social Responsibility documentation.