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Select the Right Custom Work Shirts for Your ANSI Safety Class

Your employees made a good impression — you hired them. Keep them looking and feeling their best — and ensure their
safety with industrial workwear built to stand up to the job. Custom work shirts make it more comfortable for him or her to do
their job and projects a professional image.


When to Consider IL50 Clothing

When the job hours are long, they’re working in hot conditions or it’s a dirty job — you’ll want IL50 clothing. IL50 signifies the garment is certified to withstand at least 50 industrial laundry cycles. These heavy-duty washings are typically 10 times more strenuous than a home wash. The CornerStone Striped Industrial Work Shirt puts the toughest materials and advanced stay-clean technology into this IL50 shirt so you get more out of it.

Custom  Workwear

From construction and maintenance workers to laboratory, food service and much more, custom workwear is essential for many markets. Some workwear, like safety styles must conform to strict safety standards.

Who is ANSI?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is an organization that promotes standards for industry and government. ASNI provides ratings, terminology and symbols, performance and safety requirements for personnel, systems, and services in hundreds of industries.

Cornerstone® Striped Industrial Work Shirt

Product Style # 20772-CS10

What is ANSI Class 1, 2, 3 = Higher Visibility Clothing

The ANSI and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) states that specified types, classes and colors of high-visibility clothing are required for workers exposed to traffic hazards, such as road construction workers, surveyors and other workers near roadways.

ANSI certified high-visibility clothing is intended to clearly distinguish the worker from the environment. ANSI high-visibility garments include three components: background material, retro-reflective material (reflective bands that reflect light) and a combination of retro-reflective and fluorescent material.

Background material color and combination material can be either florescent yellow-green or fluorescent orange-red. These safety standards specify three classes of high visibility garments based on the wearers’ activities – differentiated by the amount of background material required, the width of the retro-reflective material used and garment design.

ANSI Class 1

Class 1 clothing is intended for workers near speeds that don’t exceed 25 mph and that have separation from traffic. Class 1 workwear is generally intended for parking attendants, warehouse workers in traffic, shopping cart retrievers and those doing sidewalk maintenance.

ANSI Class 2

Workers who are near roadways where traffic exceeds 25 mph and who need higher-visibility for inclement weather use class 2 workwear. Workers who wear class 2 clothing include railway workers, school crossing guards, parking and toll gate personnel, airport ground crews and law enforcement directing traffic.

ANSI Class 3

Class 3 clothing provides the highest level of visibility protection intended for workers with high task loads in a wide range of weather conditions, working where traffic exceeds 50 mph. Class 3 clothing is recommended for roadway construction personnel, vehicle operators, utility workers, survey crews, emergency responders, railway workers and accident site investigators. The CornerStone Safety Windbreaker helps gives them class 3 protection built to provide the highest level of visibility and waterproof protection from inclement weather.


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