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HALO | A Smart Reopening

A Smart Reopening

Tools for Restarting Retail, Facilities and Operations


Amplifying Brands

We transform brands into powerful, one-of-a-kind experiences that connect audiences through employee apparel, promotional merchandise and employee engagement solutions.

Value and Execution

Our size and reputation mean that we can source products globally and negotiate the best possible pricing for our valued clients.

Product Safety & Compliance

All products are thoroughly tested and manufacturers are vetted to ensure they pass our rigorous environment, social, and safety compliance requirements.

Your Facility

Products that are protective, informative, and confidence-building can go a long way in conveying safety and cleanliness within your business.

Sandwich Board

Starting at $143.25  

Acrylic Register Shield

Starting at $115.50

Vinyl Floor Decals (set of 2)

Starting at $2.95 
MOQ 125

Hand Sanitizer Stand (sanitizer sold separately)

Starting at $178.50 
MOQ 50

Your Team

Let us recommend and source products that are FDA compliant and in-line with current CDC recommendations.

Desktop Hand Sanitizer

Starting at $5.25  
MOQ 100

3-Ply Disposable Masks

Starting at $0.98
MOQ 1,000

Purchase Now

Anti-Germ Tool on Retractable Badge Reel

Starting at $5.25 
MOQ 50

Custom Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Starting at $7.75 
MOQ 500

Your Customers

Connect with your customers through branding and inspirational messaging.

Forehead Thermometer

Starting at $1.65 
MOQ 250

Sanitizer Wipes

Starting at $1.95 
MOQ 200

Personal PPE Kit

Starting at $2.85
MOQ 150

Wrapped Ballpoint Pen

Starting at $0.45
MOQ 250

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If you are a current HALO client please contact your Account Executive for more information. New customers can contact us and we will be in touch shortly.