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Promotional Soccer Products

Custom soccer giveaways cultivate team spirit and help teams and businesses promote themselves. Existing fans, soccer enthusiasts and potential new customers will love soccer promotional items.

HALO offers a variety of soccer-themed products to help you score big on your promotion. Small items like soccer stress balls and keychains are fun for giveaways. Stock up on these items for fundraisers and large events. On the other hand, larger items, like custom bags, make nice gifts for a more select group. Whether you’re supporting a local team or rallying the community around your players, you’re sure to be the striker of your organization’s marketing efforts.

Promotional Soccer Products

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Mini Sport Ball - Soccer Ball - 4 1/4"
Style Number: 22382-AMSB  View Details
Lined Nylon Coach’s Jacket - Adult
Style Number: 21878-3100  View Details
Hooded Coach’s Jacket - Adult
Style Number: 21878-3102  View Details
Medalist Jacket 2.0 - Adult
Style Number: 21878-4395  View Details
High Five Hawk Soccer Jersey - Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-322872  View Details
High Five Primo Soccer Shorts – Adult
Style Number: 21878-325390  View Details
High Five Hawk Soccer Shorts - Ladies’
Style Number: 21878-325412  View Details
the Essentials Stress Buster - Soccer
Style Number: 7953-SB303 As low as $1.27 | SALE $0.97 View Details
Sport Beach Ball - 9"
Style Number: 55675-SBB9  View Details
Sport Beach Ball - 16"
Style Number: 55675-SBB16  View Details
Vinyl Mini Soccer Ball - 4 1/4"
Style Number: 55675-SOC  View Details
Sports Style Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 3027-60020  View Details
Gametime!® Soccer Drawstring Backpack
Style Number: 7953-BG153  View Details
Foam Soccer Ball - 5"
Style Number: 55675-FML-SOC  View Details
Team 365™ Striped Pom Beanie
Style Number: 3440-TT122  View Details
Backpack Cooler and Chair Combo
Style Number: 1165-GR4602  View Details
Folding Picnic Table with Four Seats
Style Number: 1474-811-00  View Details
Result1-20 of 20

About Promotional Soccer Products

Teams and Businesses That Work Together are Sure to Score

Soccer themed promotional products are great for building team spirit on the field. You can also use soccer promotional items off the field to generate unique exposure for your team, organization or even your business.

Working with a corporate sponsor is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your team. Sponsors provide some financial backing to support your play. They are also invested in your team, automatically growing your fan base. This increases your team’s visibility and helps generate support from the community and other sponsors. They also often provide keepsake soccer giveaways that act as incentives for new fans to attend events.

Businesses can benefit from sponsorships, too. Supporting a team will put your company’s logo front-and-center on uniforms, equipment and soccer giveaways. This helps garner support of the community and attract new customers. Consider sponsors of Major League Soccer teams. They have their logos showcased on players’ jerseys, equipment and all around the stadium. Your business can benefit from the same marketing strategy. Even at a local level, school, amateur and semi-pro athletics teams are always looking for sponsors.

Businesses often struggle to reach new groups of potential customers, so take another tip from the pros: host a co-sponsored sports event. For instance, your business could work with a local team to organize a soccer tournament. You can help cover some of the costs in exchange for brand exposure on items like premium leather soccer balls and custom t-shirts for registrants.

For both teams and businesses, creating loyal fans is vital to your success. One way to keep fans and draw new ones in is to keep your name in their minds. For example, if a gym owner really wants to get some exposure among 30-45 year-old women, she can sponsor a traveling soccer team and put her logo on a soccer ball keychain. This is a great idea for attracting moms of soccer players and increasing visibility to this specific audience. Similarly, if a local sporting goods store wanted to get in good with high school soccer athletes, they could give each player a unique water bottle. Creative and useful soccer giveaways help people remember your business.