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To view our current progress please download our Achieving a Sustainable Future overview.

At HALO, we view sustainability as more than just good business. Our sustainability effort reflects our vision of corporate accountability to our clients, the communities in which we operate, and the global reach of the products and services we provide. For decades we have led our industry in social responsibility in our supply chain. We have added a focus on the environmental impact of the products we distribute from the time of manufacture to the final delivery to our customer’s door.

A more comprehensive approach to sustainability began with the incorporation of a series of low-impact, high efficiency features in our modern corporate headquarters in Sterling, Illinois. We are now embarking on an aggressive recycling and energy management initiative in our satellite offices and working with our top manufacturers and freight carriers to align our sustainability goals within our supply chain.

To better formalize our vision, we worked with the Environmental Defense Fund to create and implement a Sustainability Program that defines key goals in environmental, social and economic issues that impact our primary stakeholders through their Climate Corps program. We will provide annual ESG reports to the public going forward in order to provide insight on the progress we are making and the steps we will continue to make to improve our corporate sustainability in the years ahead.

Marc Simon

Chief Executive Officer