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Customizable and Branded USB Drives

A promotional USB drive (also known as a flash drive) is a quick, easy way to get your branded content into the hands of others. Though they’re inexpensive, custom flash drives can be extremely valuable and more targeted in purpose than other promotional products. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes so you can find something that matches your brand style and campaign. HALO offers everything from traditional drives to ones on keychains and even some combined with writing tools.

Remember to load your promotional flash drives with pertinent information for the recipient, too. In a world of data sharing and technology, a USB drive is sure to be valued, and your logo will be noticed whenever it’s used. 

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Swing Drive - 2 GB
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBSW  View Details
USB 2.0 Spirit Drives® - Bible - Rubberized
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBBR  View Details
USB 2.0 Spirit Drives® - Bible - Wooden
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBBW  View Details
Cat-Shaped USB Drive
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBC9  View Details
Cork Flash Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBCK-1GB  View Details
USB 2.0 Spirit Drives® - Cross
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBCW  View Details
Eco Book Wood Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBEB-1GB  View Details
USB Eco Flip Wood Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBEF-1GB  View Details
Eco Good Wood Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBEG-1GB  View Details
Eco Jumbo Wood Drive&trade
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBEJ-1GB  View Details
Eco Metropolis Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBEM-1GB  View Details
Eco Oblong Wood Flash Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBEO-1GB  View Details
Eco Round Wood Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBER-1GB  View Details
Recycled Paper USB Drive&trade
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBGP-1GB  View Details
Recycled Shell USB
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBGS-1GB  View Details
Dog-Shaped USB Drive
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBK9  View Details
USB 2.0 Cassette Tape Flash Drive
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBTA  View Details
Thin Card Drive™ USB
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBTC-1GB  View Details
Mini Thin Card Drive™ USB
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBTM-1GB  View Details
Thin Card Round Drive™ USB
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBTR-1GB  View Details
USB 2.0 Metallic Ultra Drive™
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBUR  View Details
Wine Bottle Drive™ USB
Style Number: 123110-AIO-USBWB-1GB  View Details
Executive Flash Drive - 1 GB
Style Number: 66887-1660-15  View Details
Velocity Flash Drive - 1GB
Style Number: 66887-1660-26  View Details
Classic Flash Drive - 1 GB
Style Number: 66887-1691-66  View Details
Domeable Rotate Flash Drive - 1GB
Style Number: 66887-1692-63  View Details
Key Flash Drive - 1GB
Style Number: 66887-1693-18  View Details
Jetson USB Flash Drive
Style Number: 66887-1693-44  View Details
Slim Credit Card USB Flash Drive - 2GB
Style Number: 66887-1695-05  View Details
Rotate OTG Ultimate Flash Drive - 2 GB
Style Number: 66887-1695-33  View Details
Rotate Flash Drive - 16 GB
Style Number: 66887-1695-91  View Details
Domeable Rotate Flash Drive - 2GB
Style Number: 66887-1697-02  View Details
Universal Source™ Folding USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 32 GB
Style Number: 4048-32313 As low as $6.50 View Details
Universal Source™ Premium USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 4 GB
Style Number: 4048-32295 As low as $8.24 View Details
Result1-34 of 34

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Opportunities with Promotional Flash Drives

Small, portable, and capable of storing several GB of data, a flash or USB drive offers immediate, functional value. In many ways, promotional USB drives are the modern equivalent of the branded pen or pencil. They’re designed to be used, and they’re designed to travel. And like branded pens, custom flash drives have proven their value and efficacy as promotional devices.

Branded USB drives come in a wide range of sizes, colors, memory capacity, and styles, making it easy to select drives that best represent your brand. HALO has drive styles ranging from the classic swivel drive to novelty shapes and classy, wood-encased drives. Their small size allows sales representatives and customer reps to always have a few on hand. Personalized flash drives also make great leave-behinds after sales calls and presentations.

Don’t neglect what’s inside the drive—or rather, what you can add. Preload USB drives with company information, presentations, and marketing materials to deliver your message and ensure that it is taken back to the office. They’re an excellent way of delivering training materials, analyst reports and media press kits.