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Branded Phone Cases & Custom Tablet Case

Promotional phone cases and tablet covers make traveling with technology easier. Choose from zippered or drawstring bags and numerous options for logo placement. Because tablets are significantly larger than most phones, custom tablet cases offer a more generous space for branding. Additionally, many cases come with extra pockets so they can eliminate the need for additional bags. This is especially handy for recipients who travel in airports often. They’ll have one less carry-on bag.

Another rising trend is desktop phone and tablet stands. These convenient stands let the user prop their phone up so they can see any updates automatically. They’re ideal for quiet offices and libraries. The user can keep their phone or tablet on silent and still see the visual notifications on their device. 

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Phone, Tablet and Business Card Stand with Sticky Notes
Style Number: 1165-VS2103 As low as $0.99 View Details
Microfiber Smartphone Pouch
Style Number: 8360-SMRT-POUCH-P As low as $1.68 View Details
Water-Resistant Bag
Style Number: 7953-PL-4365 As low as $1.97 View Details
The Minimalist™ Phone Wallet and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Style Number: 103941-TOY-PW As low as $2.10 View Details
Stand Out Cell Phone Wallet with Ring Holder
Style Number: 6266-5124 As low as $2.50 View Details
3M™ Custom Printed Skin - Laptop
Style Number: 9124-PCES710 As low as $3.66 View Details
CellSlip Phone Case
Style Number: 6115-221 As low as $3.69 View Details
Microfiber Tablet Pouch
Style Number: 8360-SMRT-POUCH-T As low as $3.81 View Details
Neoprene Computer Accessory Travel Case
Style Number: 1165-KB9711 As low as $5.75 View Details
Neoprene Tablet Sleeve
Style Number: 8360-NEOTAB-FC As low as $7.57 View Details
Ridge Capistrano Tech Set
Style Number: 8812-CPP-4392 As low as $9.69 View Details
elleven Small Tech Trap Case
Style Number: 66887-0011-11 As low as $12.98 View Details
LCD Writing Tablet
Style Number: 4629-UQ20785 As low as $15.59 | SALE $12.99 View Details
Case+ Protective Sleeve - Tech Case
Style Number: 103941-TTA051 As low as $13.95 View Details
Laptop Case with Padded Shoulder Strap
Style Number: 1165-KB9703 As low as $16.50 View Details
Case+ Protective Sleeve - 13”
Style Number: 103941-TTA052 As low as $20.95 View Details
Case+ Protective Sleeve - Laptop 15"
Style Number: 103941-TTA053 As low as $24.75 View Details
Solo® Tablet Case
Style Number: 1165-KB9751 As low as $39.99 View Details
Result1-18 of 18

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Promotional Phone Cases vs. Custom Tablet Cases


Trying to decide whether to incorporate a promotional phone case or custom tablet case in your marketing plan? As with any promotion, you should always step back and evaluate your target audience. Not every person who uses a smartphone uses a tablet. If you are hoping to attract a more generic audience, a promotional phone case may be the way to go.  Because phones are smaller than tablets, promotional phone cases offer less space for branding, but recipients might prefer the less intrusive approach. People carry their phones nearly everywhere they go, and a phone case is often a reflection of personal style. Messaging should be brief. Think about what you’d like to show off on your own phone case. When choosing colors, remember your brand identity. Sometimes what’s trendy is off-brand, and it’s more important to be consistent with your brand if you want people to remember you later.

On the other hand, more and more people are using tablets every day. With the overabundance of promotional cell phone accessories, personalized tablet cases maybe just the thing you need to stick out in the crowd. Custom tablet cases give you more branding real estate so you could include your logo, a message and contact information if desired.  If you are hosting an educational event or a business seminar, personalized tablet cases are sure to be a hit. Often for people on the road, tablets take the place of a personal computer as a quick, easy means of taking notes and accessing the internet.  Attendees at these events will definitely put a custom tablet case to good use.