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The Many Uses of Promotional Coffee Mugs

Style Number: 7192-448Promotional mugs offer a cost-effective way to gain powerful advertising exposure for your business or nonprofit organization. Perhaps this is why custom coffee mugs are so popular. They can be used in a variety of ways – not just for drinking coffee but for organizing odds and ends as well as displaying as a memorabilia keepsake. These multi-use promotional mugs are perfect for almost every occasion, special event or campaign.

 Better still, personalized coffee mugs are a budget-friendly choice to make the most of your marketing dollar. Mugs offer ad space as low as 7 cents per square inch and are used frequently throughout the day. Coffee mugs are an economical choice that stretches your advertising dollar.

 Personalized Coffee Mugs Styles for Everyday

 The cost of these personalized coffee mugs will fluctuate according to their size, shape, style, capacity and color as well as to the cup’s special features and the compounds used to make them.

 The most common types of personalized coffee mugs include those made of ceramic and glass as well as insulated thermos-type mugs. The advantage of a glass mug is that it is clear – so your company’s color logo or campaign message will stand out.

 However, if your cost-per-impression price point is lower, consider purchasing a classic white coffee mug that

Best Seller Ceramic Mug features a C-shaped handle. One of the most popular drinkware items in our catalog, our white Best Seller Promotional Ceramic Mug, is also friendly on your budget at only $1.49 each.

 If your logo or advertising message is large, oversized ceramic mugs might be your best choice. Some of these over-sized custom coffee mugs have a unique “halo effect” made by encircling the top of the mug with a complementary color. These types of specialty ceramic mugs are often sold in coffee shops so they are definitely “on trend.”

 Specialty Promotional Mugs for Special Occasions

 Style Number: 9829-2016Other types of specialty coffee mugs include those that can be screen-printed or heat-activated as well as full-color mystique mugs featuring thermo-chromatic technology that lights up your logo when exposed to warm temperatures. In this way, customers can watch your logo “come to life” right before their very eyes – engendering surprise and delight.

 A 2009 study by the Promotional Products Association International noted the staying power of promotional products at home and work. A massive, 91 percent had at least one promotional product in their kitchen and 74 percent had at least one promotional product at work.

 Guess which kind of promotional product those folks most likely had? You got it right – the promotional coffee mug!


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