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3 Simple Steps Every Real Estate Professional Needs for Hosting a Grand Opening

It’s your time to shine. Planning your grand opening and getting the right people to attend will take some work, but the long-term rewards will pay off.

This is your opportunity to build a foundation of trust within the community and build your brand while doing it. Before you break ground, break your grand opening preparations into manageable steps to make it easier to achieve your marketing objectives.

Step 1) Plan

Planning, you should start several months in advance. Countless details require your attention, so you may want to make sure you have plenty of help to pull everything together. To get started ask yourself one simple question. What is real estate? It is community. Turning your grand opening into a community event will bring you plenty of positive press. It also reinforces your brand's image within the community.

There are plenty of options for creating a community event to headline your grand opening. Your ribbon cutting ceremony could occur in conjunction with a fundraiser for a local non-profit organization or it could serve as an awareness drive for a deserving charity. Another option would be to combine the opening with an educational event to inform the community about a subject of local interest or impact.

House BankOnce you’ve decided on what kind of community purpose you want to promote at your grand opening, you can get local businesses involved. Involving other businesses helps promote your event and will help minimize your costs. Other businesses will help bear the financial burden in exchange for the visibility provided by the event.

For example, a local restaurant might be willing to provide free food and beverages in exchange for exclusivity as the only food vendor involved. Other businesses might be willing to provide the same type of in-kind donations for the opportunity to be the only vendor from their industry involved in your community event.

Along with planning the festivities and food, you will need to plan giveaways. Everyone loves free stuff and games with prizes will attract more people. Having a good combination of free giveaways and raffle items will help create buzz and excitement before and during the event.

If the giveaways have enough panache, they might even keep the buzz going well after the event. Themed items like our real estate promotional products are a perfect starting point for the giveaways and prizes. You will want to have a good combination of affordable real estate promotional items to be given away in abundance and more expensive items to be raffled or randomly drawn.

Step 2) Promote

Start promoting early, even a couple of months early. Doing this helps generate more buzz and will let people save the date on their calendars so they can plan to attend your event.

One of the best ways to get people talking is through a newspaper article. Use this press as a chance to promote youreself, your soon-to-be open business, the grand opening details, (including a chance to win real estate promotional products and prizes) and your connection to the community. Similar to teasers or previews, this type of article draws attention, so you can build the excitement.

As you get closer to the date of the event, steadily escalate the buzz. You could use radio and television, but these tend to be very expensive.

A less expensive option is to use fliers and posters at local businesses, including the businesses involved in the event. You might even consider hiring a teenager or two to pass out the fliers door-to-door.

Regardless of how you get the word out, you will want to let people know about the real estate promotional items that they could win. People get excited when they have a chance to win quality items they will use regularly, so make plenty of announcements about your high-end prizes and offer real estate promotional items like the 5-Piece Bamboo BBQ Sets or Bamboo Cheese Serving Sets printed with your logo.

No matter what promotional avenues you choose to use, remember to talk to people. Tell everyone you encounter about your grand opening event and invite them to come. The personal, face-to-face invitations will be invaluable.  People will remember that you took the time to speak to them about your exciting news and be more likely to attend.

Step 3) Party

All of your diligent planning and promoting pays off the day of your grand opening. Before your guests begin arriving, make sure you have everything in place. Take the time to walk through the event with a critical eye. It is easy to overlook the little things during the excitement, but the little things are what everyone else notices. This is your day to revel in the spotlight, so you want it to be perfect.

The grand opening event is the first glimpse the community has of your business and will set expectations for your services. Your event should tell the community that you go above and beyond to provide the best.

It is also your opportunity to get real estate promotional items with all of your contact information in their hands. Small items that are useful in every household, like Business Card Magnets with 50 Sheet Notepads, make the perfect take away items. No one should leave your event empty handed, so make sure you have plenty of giveaways on hand.

Congratulations, and good luck! You’re on your way to a successful grand opening event for your real estate office.Start planning.

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