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One of the most popular uses of promotional lanyards is for badges at large shows and events. The lanyard will attach your company name and information to the wearer’s ID badge. You’ll make a new impression every time the wearer meets someone.

If your organization has a regular flow of visitors, you can benefit from promotional ID accessories. Different types of IDs can help differentiate between groups of people. Consider contrasting lanyard colors for exhibitors and attendees or teachers and students. HALO offers different shapes of badges, too. For something more subtle, consider a retractable badge clip or event bracelet. HALO’s lanyards, badges and bracelets come in a variety of colors and imprint options to make your brand stand out.

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the Essentials Heavy Weight Satin Lanyard - 3/4”
Style Number: 5410-HHWS-34 As low as $3.73 | SALE $1.83 View Details
the Essentials Polyester Web Lanyard - 5/8"
Style Number: 5410-HPW-58 As low as $2.30 | SALE $1.58 View Details
Tyvek Wristband - 3/4"
Style Number: 5410-WTY34  View Details
Tyvek Wristband - 1"
Style Number: 5410-WTY1  View Details
Tyvek Tear Stub Wristband - 1"
Style Number: 5410-WTTY1  View Details
Super Plastic Wristband - 3/4"
Style Number: 5410-WPL34  View Details
Laminated Plastic Badge - Small
Style Number: 8021-40000  View Details
Super Plastic Wristband - 1/2"
Style Number: 5410-WPL12  View Details
Vinyl Wristband - 1/2"
Style Number: 5410-WV12  View Details
Vinyl Wristband - 3/4"
Style Number: 5410-WV34  View Details
Laminated Plastic Badge - Medium
Style Number: 8021-40001  View Details
1" Super Plastic Wristband
Style Number: 5410-WPL1  View Details
Vinyl Wristband - 1"
Style Number: 5410-WV1  View Details
Liquid Glitter Wristband- 3/4"
Style Number: 5410-LIQUID-GLITTER  View Details
Premium Seeded Paper Wristband
Style Number: 5410-WB500-F  View Details
Laminated Plastic Badge - Large
Style Number: 8021-40002  View Details
Universal Source™ Full-Color Satin Lanyard
Style Number: 4048-32214 As low as $0.89 View Details
Stretchy Elastic Wristband - 1/2"
Style Number: 8806-AWBSE12  View Details
Super Value Lanyard - 5/8" Wide
Style Number: 5410-FSV58  View Details
Metal Retractable Badge Reel - Round
Style Number: 5410-RBR-RM  View Details
1-Ply Cotton Lanyard - 3/8" Wide
Style Number: 5410-SP38  View Details
Woven Lanyard - 3/4" Wide
Style Number: 5410-HDW34-F  View Details
1-Ply Cotton Lanyard - 5/8" Wide
Style Number: 5410-SP58  View Details
Nylon Web Lanyard - 3/4" Wide
Style Number: 5410-NW34  View Details
Cotton Lanyard with Double Bulldog Clip - 1/2"
Style Number: 8806-LC12M2-MA1  View Details
Cotton Double Swivel Hook Lanyard - 1/2"
Style Number: 8806-LC12M2-MB1  View Details
Trade Show Badge Holder
Style Number: 5284-2075  View Details
Result1-40 of 62

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Promotional Lanyard Purchase Considerations

Promotional lanyards can be used in any situation where identification is required, such as corporations, hospitals and educational institutions. A lanyard with a clip and keyring can hold an ID badge, car keys, and room key. They make it easy to keep all necessities close because they can be worn around a person’s neck or attached to a bag.

When shopping for promotional lanyards consider the material in your purchase decision. Low cost fabrics can range from a soft cotton material to ribbons with a one color screened imprint. These value lanyards are great for one-time use events when price is a main concern. For long-term use custom lanyards, more durable fabrics such as thicker satins, nylon webs, and woven styles are recommended. Many of these lanyards offer a sublimated full color imprint, which is perfect for full color graphics and gradients.

The attachment can be just as important as the lanyard itself. J-hooks and keyrings are versatile options that can easily hold anything with a hole such as keys and badge holders. Bulldog clips are specifically made to clip to badge holders made with a rectangular opening. If you’re sponsoring an event, consider supplying the badge holders, too. They’ll give you additional brand exposure at the event.

If you’re looking for lanyards with added safety precautions for school and hospital staff, ask about breakaway features. Lanyards with a safety breakaway feature will unclip if the lanyard is pulled too hard so the wearer avoids injury.