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Trade Show Tips You Can Use to Boost Traffic

You’ve decided to attend an upcoming industry trade show. You’ve narrowed your focus and identified the show that fits your marketing objectives. You’ve got it all lined up and you know exactly what kind of foot traffic you want to attract. Choosing to exhibit is a strategic choice. Before you sign up as an exhibitor, ask yourself these questions.


Q & A

  • Why are you attending?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How will you attract them?
  • What is your end goal?


If you’ve already asked and answered these questions, you’re ahead of the game. Use your answers to strategize your promotional marketing plan. Build your promotional plans around these fundamental questions and you’ll have attendees crowding around your booth.


Booth Magic


First, make sure you’ve got your display and booth covered. Your booth, display table and any signage are your prospective client’s first impression. You want to make a polished and professional one. That goes for your representatives too. Make sure the people representing your company, products and/or services are friendly, professional and well prepared. 


In addition, you can add excitement with promotional trade show items. Trade show giveaways help generate buzz for your booth and attract more people.

The Power of Promotional Products


The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) published a recent study, “The Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior,” revealing that promotional products can have a significant and lasting influence on those who receive them.


In particular, over 80 percent of the respondents who had received promotional products not only kept them but remembered the advertiser and had done business with them since receiving the product. Almost half of the people surveyed still had the promotional item a year later.

If you are wondering if you should use promotional items at your event, these survey results certainly indicate that the answer is yes. Distributing custom trade show giveaways can increase foot traffic and generate more leads.


Trade show giveaways can facilitate many profitable connections. Although some exhibitors hesitate to give away items because they are not confident that their investment will be returned, giving items away strategically can prove effective and customization is the key.

Incentives, Thank You Gifts, & Prizes

Trade shows attract your competitors. Make sure you’re prepared to to stand out with your displays and presentations. Advertising with trade show giveaways let you extend your brand's reach at an event whether that means reaching more people through prizes, raffles, ”thank you” gifts for attending a presentation or other engaging distribution methods.
Trade show giveaways can be used as prizes. They help you increase engagement and attract valuable attention, plus they’ll be used after the show to generate multiple ad impressions.
Develop a giveaway strategy that focuses on extending your brands’ reach at and beyond the show.


Custom trade show giveaways provide you with opportunities to make favorable impressions on prospective clients. They can amplify your other marketing efforts at the show. Giveaways offer value by exposing attendees to your brand, distributing promotional products can help generate continued interest.


Tailor your trade show giveaways based on the show, your industry and your target audience. Some  popular and frequently used items include technology accessories, health and safety items, like the Pocket Frist Aid Kit, writing instruments and calendars. As an exhibitor, don’t forget to consider these standbys as you put your knowledge of your audience to work when selecting promotional items.


Chances are you won’t be the only exhibitor offering trade show giveaways. If the show organizer facilitates a raffle, make sure your custom printed prizes are up for grabs. Consider big ticket items for a raffle like this. Advertise your prize, but require the winner to stop by your booth to claim it.


To reach even more people, you could offer a budget-friendly freebie on site, just for entering the raffle. That way, when a central prize drawing is hosted at an event, any attendees who didn’t make it to your booth, still go home with a reminder of your brand printed with your  contact information.


Whether it’s tins of mints, mini tote lunch bags, or custom key chains, the little things can make a big difference when you get them into the right hands.


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