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Promotional Winter Products

Promotional winter items are thoughtful gifts that can help your brand resonate during a season or within a geographic area. Want to reach people who live in cold, snowy regions? Warm them up with a soft blanket, hat or scarf. They’ll see your message on any chilly day.

Practical winter items show recipients that they can depend on you in any circumstance. They’re smart choices for auto service companies and insurance agencies. Items like ice scrapers and jumper cable sets will stay in their cars year-round so your brand will earn countless impressions and be known as a company they can rely on.

HALO offers holiday-specific items, too. Ask your HALO Account Executive about promotional holiday ornaments, greeting cards and executive gifts.

Promotional Winter Items

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the Essentials Bestie Beanie
Style Number: 7953-AP110 As low as $5.61 | SALE $4.15 View Details
Mini Ice Scraper
Style Number: 5599-3250  View Details
Dual Blade Ice Scraper
Style Number: 5599-93D  View Details
Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper - 7"
Style Number: 5599-748  View Details
Mini Felt Christmas Stocking
Style Number: 6219-6707  View Details
Shatterproof Ornament - USA Made - Flat
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-USA-F  View Details
Snowflake Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-SNOWFLAKE  View Details
Tree Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-TREE  View Details
Holiday Bulb Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-ORNAMENT  View Details
Snowman Wood Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1796-SNOWMAN  View Details
Polar Ice Scraper - 11 1/2"
Style Number: 5599-1148  View Details
Round Shatterproof Ornament
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-USA  View Details
Traditional Glass Ornament - 3 1/4"
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-TG  View Details
Light-Up Glass Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1785  View Details
Cuffed Patch Knit Beanie
Style Number: 6115-1066  View Details
Beanie Skull Cap
Style Number: 6115-1065  View Details
Hand Blown Glass Ornament
Style Number: 55675-ORNT-G  View Details
Circle Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-CIRCLE  View Details
Heart Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-HEART  View Details
Oval Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-OVAL  View Details
Star Acrylic Ornament
Style Number: 6219-1794-STAR  View Details
Knit Beanie Cap with Stripe
Style Number: 6115-1076  View Details
Knit Beanie with Leather Tag
Style Number: 6115-1111  View Details
Knit Scarf with Patch
Style Number: 6115-1013  View Details
Deluxe Suede Ice Scraper Mitt
Style Number: 5599-1124M  View Details
Sphere Photo Globe
Style Number: 6219-2721  View Details
Snow Globe Photo Frame
Style Number: 6219-2711  View Details
Knit Beanie
Style Number: 20275-I-K695  View Details
Superstretch Knit Beanie with Cuff
Style Number: 21920-KN-400  View Details
Knit Watchcap with Cuff
Style Number: 20275-I-K657S  View Details
Jersey Knit Beanie
Style Number: 21920-KN-550  View Details
Fleece Travel Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7012  View Details
Sweatshirt Roll-Up Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7027  View Details
Fleece Stadium Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7018  View Details
Keep Warm Buddy Set
Style Number: 6115-7033  View Details
Chenille Blanket
Style Number: 6115-7029  View Details
Comeback Headband
Style Number: 21878-223837  View Details
Kozi Slippers
Style Number: 124978-KOZI  View Details
Men's Port Authority® V-Neck Sweater
Style Number: 20772-SW285  View Details
12-Piece Highway Companion Gift Set
Style Number: 66887-1400-10  View Details
Result1-40 of 48

About Promotional Winter Items

Promotional Winter Products

When cooler winter weather hits, it’s the perfect opportunity for your company to expand their brand reach through winter promotional products.

Own a car dealership, auto service company or insurance agency? Add your logo to our heavy duty ice scraper, snow brush/scraper combo or thermal emergency blanket for loyal customers or new clients. Emergency auto kits with jumper cables are great additions to a large customer purchase or thoughtful employee gift.

If your company is located in a cold area, consider making room in your budget for useful holiday gifts for employees. A promotional knit beanie, deluxe suede ice scraper mitt or quality fleece jacket will remind them of your brand and show your appreciation simultaneously. A custom throw blanket or Kozi slippers with your logo will help them relax after a long day at work.

Valued clients will appreciate branded jackets, vests, gloves or roll up travel blanket when the weather turns cooler. HALO offers promotional shatterproof, hand blown glass and traditional ornaments that customers and staff will appreciate around the holidays.

Expand your brand reach, increase impressions and grow your ROI with promotional winter items from HALO. Need help planning? Contact your Account Executive today.